Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yakball: Wembley Wanderers

Moving on to the 3rd league in Yakball, this time will be the British Isles. I have teams in all 4 parts of the UK, and two teams in Dublin. 

First is a team from London. Originally I had a team at the Olympic park, but they're tearing down the basketball arena, so I put it in a more historic location. Wembley Wanderers was suggested, and I really loved it. I wanted to make a simple logo to make it seem classy. Simple hand made W in a roundel!
 The team was inspired by Arsenal(The other London team will be Chelsea, so heads up). I did red with white sleeves, and then made my own nike-fied clash with lightning bolt designs.

Working on London City's logo right now, so that will be next!

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