Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NHL Canada: East

So with all the news about Winnipeg, and all the new concepts coming out, I thought I should try. I wanted to do a redesign series with the NHL, so I kind of did part of it now! The others will be released later. I'll go East to West

1/7 Montreal Canadiens
You can't change much about the Habs. I mean, you could match the home and away, but I felt like keeping it the same. The way their jersey is unique and clean makes the set just gorgeous. As an alt, I wanted to do a blue jersey. I wasn't really a fan, so i threw in a retro concept from the 1909-1910 season, as depicted in the 100 year celebration year two seasons ago.

2/7 Ottawa Senators
With Canada being the hockey mecca, and the Ottawa Senators being a team around in the 1920s, there isn't a good reason to have that modern of a template. As it's been done before, stripes, with the roman design to tie into the now primary side logo. I chose to de-clutter it by not having a waist stripe. The alt is a faux-back using the current logos to represent a jersey from the first Ottawa Senators.

3/7 Toronto Maple Leafs
One thing many people on here want is the bringing back of the retro leaf logo. I did that to an extent. I just love the way it looks compared to the clip art-y leaf now. I replaced the off center block font with the current modern font. The home and away couldn't be approved upon, so why change? The Alt is a throwback to the days around 1940. Not an actual jersey, but close. 4 sleeve stripes, and a 2 part yoke is used. The pants were tan when this set was first around, so it remains.

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