Sunday, June 26, 2011

Florida Panthers, inspired by the Predators

Let me explain.

I saw the Nashville Predators' new set, and I just went YESSSS. I've grown as a designer, and really have become drawn to simplistic logos, or atleast simplified versions of logos. I cannot wait for a Lightning-Predators game, if you're still confused.

That being said, I've had trouble coming up with reams to do logos for. I kinda came up with some ideas, seen here(which I'm still working on, and you'll see eventually) And I was looking at the NHL logos, and realized immediately needed it the most.

With no primary changes in their team's history, the Panthers seem to be stuck in the edgy 90s. I wanted to go with a fiercer, smoother look. First off, I changed the colors. A deeper red and blue, with a bold yellow. I pretty much traced the logo, and did my best. For almost every point, I made it rounder and tried to just get away from the jaggedness. Really, the only parts that are like that are the teeth, nails, ears, and the chest detail. The alt is based off the FLA logo, and the palm tree logo. Here is a comparison.

On the jerseys, I did what more people want, bring back the simple striped red jersey. To be honest, I don't like the old jerseys. I just don't. I like the currents a lot more, in fact. But I do think red is the way to go. I love the way the yellow pops on the darker colors, personally, so that is why white is only on the numbers. The navy alt is the same template, with the alt logo on the front now. I didn't put hem stripes just because the balance of it would seem weird. I love when stripes on the sleeves don't have torso stripes.

But no one reads discriptions, Ohhh! concept!

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  1. this is veryy cool!! wouldnt mind this change at all!! especially the fact that i love the current logo.

    u must be a pro or something dudee