Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies

6/30 Philadelphia Phillies
I LOVED the maroon and light blue scheme, so I brought it back. There's really nothing ground breaking to do with this team. The primary is the shape of Citizen's Bank park. I made a home plate like some stadium logos. The bell included in this set also resembles the bell tower lights in the park. Same old P logo, and script. I WANTED to do a Philadelphia script, but its way too long for a jersey.

I nearly took away the pinstripes, but found they had history when the team won their first championship. The roads are suppose to resemble the currents, but with different stripes. The alt's are the light blue form of the grey. Note, the sleeve patch is the numbers from the currents. BUT WAIT, under hem now is the bell. Does that work?


  1. FUN FACT: this is the only MLB team that doesnt have the citys name on the away jersey

  2. Actually, Tampa, LA Angels, Milwaukee, St. Louis, amd Florida all don't either.