Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chicago White Sox

9/30 Chicago White Sox
I wanted to mix it up a bit with this concept. Some might love, some might make me go back and redo it.

I found out that the White Sox and Tigers use basically the same font, so I went retro with this. I loved the Chicago script that they wore in the 70s, so I tried to match the Sox logo with a similar font. The alternate uses an update sock from a primary logo used in the 50s and 60s. It is surrounded by the diamond in the current alternate. The primary IS the cap logo, like now.

The jerseys are also new. I decided against pinstripes, just to be different. So no pinstripes and the design used on the black alt now on the sleeves and collars. The numbers match the scripts, and the front numbers are on line with the logo. Also notice the white socks! With stirups!


  1. these just don't look as good as the curent

  2. What font are you using to recreate the numbers and that "Chicago"-text?