Tuesday, June 8, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals

5/30 St. Louis Cardinals
I love the Cards' set now, the thing is, their package isn't bold. It's plain red, and navy, then with a weak yellow. I took that into consideration and have a product I'm happy with. The new colours are red/maroon/golden yellow. The maroon boosts the red, and gives it an old time feel. The first StL logo on the site is maroon! I basically used the same primary, but with the arch from the allstar game logo. The birds on bat logo is the same, but I added a St. Louis one for the roads. Kept the StL, added a bird head, and the primary without Cardinals for a patch.

The jerseys are my favorite. They have a badass retro jersey with piping running up the sleeves. The current has no piping what-so-ever. This also plays into the bold affect. The rest is basically the same, with maroon, instad of navy. Also added something for stir-ups.

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