Friday, May 25, 2012

Winnipeg Aggies

I really couldn't think of a nickname for this team. I looked at a bunch of names, like Falcons and Moose, but didn't want the same one as a hockey team. Aggies was suggested in a later post, and I liked it enough to choose it! I went in the direction based off of this concept . I loved it too much and figured it would work. Manitoba is a plains province, so the wheat and farming theme works. Honestly, there was no reason behind this concept. I just liked it.
 I went with a brand Canada is well familiar with, reebok, for WYC. I tried to do modern strokes and designs based off of other reebok soccer designs. Originally I had a white jersey instead of a tan jersey. I quickly threw that away, and did the tan colored jersey.


  1. Might wanna check the legitimacy of the logo:

  2. Read the text above the logo.