Monday, August 4, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Puerto Rico

Next is El Hurican!

So I thought that Puerto Rico could completely run the vertical candy cane look for CONCACAF. It would match their flag, and be unique in between all the solid reds and greens in the federation. That was my first plan. I matched the stripes on the crest. The center of the crest is Puerto Rico and the year the Federation was founded around a soccer ball with a star shaped pattern because of the flag.

I mentioned the kits before, but I balanced it all with blue cuffs, numbers, and pants. I had to do hooped socks though, because it just felt right. The clash could've been anything. I didn't want to just throw in a blue one, so I decided orange. There wasn't any orange in CONCACAF to this point, and the Puerto Rico Islanders rocked a similar look when they played in the NASL. Something new and different!

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