Saturday, August 2, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Guyana

I looked forward to doing Guyana, just because I got to put two Rowdies players on the back.

So the Golden Jaguars needed a new look. I wanted to do something like a flag wrapping around a ball that's in a circle. But it didn't really work out. What I did was make a Cosmos looking design. I used the flag as the basis of which colors go where. The ball has a simple jaguar spot pattern as the dark spots on the ball.

I chose Warrior for these guys because I could use the nickname design on the back. I did a stripe down the crest broken up by sublimated diagonal stripes on monochrome green. The clash was inspired by the look Brazil wore for a lot of the World Cup. The sleeves have jaguar spots on them with various sizes of the spots on the ball.

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