Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lacrosse Concepts

So I actually had a job designing logos for this lacrosse company! For like, 3 weeks. I got busy, and the concept was difficult and I haven't talked to the guy since. He offered 40 bucks for each concept, but whatever.

So the first concept was for a team called the bandits. All he said was they wanted holsters on their pants. I gave them holsters. I legitimately drew a realistic gun with a belt, stitching, and shadow. Even a belt buckle! i thought this one was really really cool.

 Then, he told me a team named the Parrotheads needed a set. That was for exam week, which screwed me over. I submitted one design, a simple one, but he said they wanted crazy. I did this one, which I actually liked a whole lot. The jerseys would be reversible, so that explains that!

Thought you guys wanted to see that.

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