Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Nascar Racing 3 Xfinity Cars

So I did something I hadn't done before, gone farther than the Cup series! Here are 40 Xfinity Series cars I made over the last month. I'm relieved that I can move on.

One thing I've also been doing is updating the tracks. The game is very dated with tracks, and theres a nice little modding community to fill the gaps in the series from 1999 to now. With mods, the track images and info become very inconsistent. So I took it upon myself to fix this. With my 40 tracks, I updated the "trkinfo" and "trkshot" files
(yes, the Indy car track)

Every year, I edit the calendar file to reflect the changes to the Sprint Cup schedule. With those mods, the race logos range from "pixelated" to "none". I went through and fixed that for every Cup and Xfinity race this year.

So I've been doing a lot of work on it, and I'm really glad it's all over.

But I wanted to go even further for what I consider one of the best games ever.


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