Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Steve Yzerman's NHL: Dallas

Dallas Stars 
I really like their current logo, but I do think it is slightly outdated. That is what I wanted to do, update and simplify. Obviously an all green look would look great, and be a faux throwback to the North Stars, while the logo breaks away from that. 

 Just messing with the current, I made the gold part green, and the green part white. it actually looked real nice. Kind of what I was looking for, simplicity in the star. This is the first one that will actually be able to work in green and white. They don't have a good alternate, so since they're the only team in Texas, they get a Texas outline. The other alt logo is a circle logo which just kind of ties together all of the logos.

I love when jerseys don't have hem stripes while their sleeves do. The jersey looks really nice in my opinion. I wanted to do that sometime, and figured Dallas was a good opportunity since they don't have them now. Pretty simple, I guess. Monochrome green with the same font on the script.

Still planning on doing more.

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