Saturday, December 3, 2011

Florida State alternate logos

Here is some other logos.

Still working on the face, I'm working on the bacon face, and trying to make the face paint not look thrown together. Here are two alternate logos, and a script while I'm working. I'm going to make the feather on the Osceola logo match the one on the spear. I used some spear logos, the two official logos, and the nike spear. I wanted to update the logo from the link below, and thought of doing this with a state outline.

Two things I'm considering keeping as is, just as a personal opinion.
  • the colors
  • rotation

I seriously hate the way the football uniforms look. Personally the gold pants looks like watered down champagne, and I'm pretty sure they don't match the helmets. If I get in, the in the top 3 things to do is order this shirt. I love the colors. I wanted to originally use the Predators gold, but figured gold was too set in the history of the school, and the colors would be similar to the Gophers. I lightened it, and sort of made it into a "honey mustard" color. I like how it looks on the logos, but might change it when I do work on the football uniform, to make it a little more gold.

And I'm still leaning for the downward turned head. I see it as charging into battle, instead of looking up to the skies. Not sure, that's how I look at it.

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