Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nashville Sounds Rebrand

So I love it when teams in a city will synchronize colors(like how Pittsburgh SHOULD be all black/yellow, and Seattle SHOULD be navy/lime green). The Predators rebranded with yellow and navy, and the Sounds were a perfect team to match them

I've always wanted to do this concept because Nashville has the worst look in the PCL, in my opinion. The fist thing I did, was make an N using musical notes. The current cap logo is a music note, so I did something less abstract and made an N. From there, I did a script using a font, and then did the primary. I was going to just do "Sounds" in the font, but thought to check and see if there was an S shaped note. When you turn a G clef around, then it does make an S, so I went ahead and did that. Instead of (G clef)ounds, I put another clef on the end of the script than put more strings running under the script. That was pretty much what my sketches looked like.

The jerseys are pretty simple, just some piping here. I played around with caps, and liked the two I chose. I put the 6 strings across the number, and around the socks. I couldn't not use the motif everywhere!

I finally can cross this off my list of logos to do, FINALLY.

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