Monday, October 12, 2015

Adding to the Yakball Canon

As mentioned before, there are 16 top tier leagues in the world. Originally, the Yakball Association started Major League Yakball in 2018. They decided that there would be leagues in Canada and the British Isles as the 2nd and 3rd leagues. These leagues would be known as the Charter 3. In the Magna Carta of yakball, it was written that these 3 countries would host the first 3 World Yakball Cups. The USA hosted in 2020, Canada in 2024, and the UK in 2028. The first two hosts won.

They're the 3 leagues I completed in full on my original run. Here are their new logos.

As interest grew from other countries, the sport recognized that it would be hard for countries to meet the 16 team limit alone. Yakball carefully set up a league in Southern Europe called the Orange MediLeague. They had teams in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Portugal. Though not traitionally Mediterranean, the geography worked and travel wasn't bad. Yakball established the 3.1 rule. Vancouver and St. John's are roughly 3,111 miles apart. Leagues couldn't pass this, all teams had to be within this distance to be logistically playable.

After the MediLeague started, leagues in Central Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and China started. This brought up an interesting strategy. Teams saw that national teams could be built on domestic leagues, such as the USA and Canada. But since they couldn't support 16 teams, some national teams opted for one team in their country. That way, their national roster could play together year round, if not broken up. A typical yakball roster has 12 players, but only 10 can dress for the game. The good players would be bought by bigger leagues, and they could just slide in a young player in replacement. Iceland was the first to come up with the strategy when Reykjavik was admitted to the SKF Nordic Liga.

Over the next 5 years, many new leagues started up. Brazil and Mexico started 16 teams domestically. Russia has 14/16 when they started their league. Japan shared a league with Korea, with the majority being Japanese due to the national player pool's depth.

Yakball always said that each league must have 16 teams or nothing. The sport single handily brought world peace, allowing "pan-leagues" to form. Pan Leagues are leagues that span several countries, some with troubled pasts. The Union League in Southeast Europe is a good example. Teams in Greece, Turkey, and all over the Former Yugoslavia allowed the citizens to finally have top level yakball. The Arab League spans over Islamic nations, and two from Israel. People believed they should not judge based on religion, and just play yakball (I had to write this in for any of this to make sense). The Air Asia Yakball League spans 7 countries from India to the Philippines.

The newest league is the Vodaphone PanAfro League. Sixteen teams began playing in Africa last year, with 11 national teams wanting to bring teams to their country. South Africa has 4 teams, and is considered a rising team in the Yakball world.

So why am I telling you all this? I wanted your help.

I need suggestions for names before I post the polls for the teams. I relied a lot on the followers for team names last time, and want you guys involved in as much as possible. So if you have any suggestions for teams in the 13 new leagues that just have a pin on the map(those that do are off the table), please send them in below

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