Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Major League Yakball

The original league is still considered the strongest club league in the world. The American Major League Yakball is full of original players, and attract the big names in the world's yakball scene.

The league was officially formed in 2018 by 16 teams, the 16 teams were assembled by the best club teams in the country, or financial backing by investors who saw a future of the sport. Typically played in large arenas, the league fits between the NHL's regular season and the opening of the next.

In 10 years, the league produced some of the best talent in the sport. With 16 stable teams in the league, they had youth teams that produced talent to fill the depth chart, and the money to bring in top talent from around the world. The league refused several attempts to expand th league to keep the 16 team rule, and several bootleg leagues formed. They, obviously, became a source for talent that MLY teams used to bring up players. In 2022, the league decided to split the teams into two 8 team divisions. 

The regular season starts the first week of May. The teams play in division opponents 4 times, and out of conference division opponents twice. The 42 game season lasts until the first week of October. Then the fun begins. Modeled after the NCAA's conference tournament, the MLY had the original Yakball Championship week. Eventually, the first week of October became the biggest event in the sport. With the division split, the top 4 teams in the division would travel to a neutral location decided the year before. Each team would get a chance to host the Yakball Championship before a team hosts it a second time. The 2028 event took place in Raleigh, home of the struggling Carolina Flyers.

Michael Taylor was winding up his final season in 2028. He was no longer the best center in the league due to the 34 year old showing age. He captained the Tampa Bay Tridents to the Championship as the 3 seed. A victory against rival Empire NYC put them in a game 2 days later against Boston YC. Boston was the strongest team in the league, built up from years of poor play and high draft picks. Boston put an end to his career with a 49-41 win. In the west, Seattle and Sporting LA were on a collision path. They brushed off Dallas and Denver in the first round. Sporting LA played from behind the first 3 quarters, but came back with a 10-1 run to start the 4th quarter. Los Angeles held on to win 43-39 and advance to their 3rd all time championship.

Boston's halves remained the same for the 10 years between events. They formed in 2012 as the local club team. A group of supporters built up support and found the funding to join the league. Sporting LA was an attempt by a wealthy group of celebrities to start the European model of a sporting club. The only difference from year 1 to 10 is the replacing of navy with a darker grey. The sashes still remain on the kit. The crest eventually was replaced by the monogram on the crest.

Boston had a strong attack lead by an enforcer out of UConn they got in the draft. But Sporting LA had the best defense in the league. This was built up by money and age. The core starters played together for 6 years, and they had the money to keep them. Boston went into half down 21-15. There must have been a motivated half time speech, because Boston played much better. The passing rate after the half was up 25%, and Boston began using their size to come back. Los Angeles couldn't match it, and lost grip of the game. Boston would go on to in 42-35 for their first championship.

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