Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Creamer Boards Super Bowl Shuffle

The year is 2020. Super Bowl LIV just had been played, with the Buccaneers beating the Jaguars in the second straight year. The game went on as normal, with tons of media build up, expensive commercials of companies using hip memes of the day, and the traditional game of gridiron football. However, there was a dark tone to the game. This would be Roger Goodell’s last Super Bowl as commissioner. Goodell had become a tyrant, renaming the Lombardi Trophy after himself before Super Bowl LIII, and doing anything to make money(which he was found out later to be pocketing).

Lead by the NFL Players Association, and former players started a coup to seize power from Goodell. Goodell claimed it was a “War on Football”, which is the first and only time this term was correctly used. It was a rocky few months, but it happened in the off season. The NFLPA gained control, and started democratic elections of the commissioner. Goodell was exiled to a place that would never see a professional football game again, London. 

In an attempt to wipe out the “Goodell Years”, the new NFL commissioner Marshawn Lynch had a bold idea. With the help of NFL Films, they would get rid of all traces of the chrome Super Bowl logos that had been made to be standardized and look futuristic. NFL Films agreed to doctor the film of the games to include new logos. This meant new logos of the last 10 Super Bowl would have to be made. They are looking for bold, colorful logos that reflect the year the game was in and the host city.

We at Chris Creamer’s Sports Logo Community have been given the task to design the 10 logos. Each round will consist of a branding periods of 2 weeks. After those two weeks are up, I’ll post the logos without the maker’s name. We’ll have a typical voting process of naming the top 3 logos, all earning an associated amount of points. When we total up the amount, the top 10 vote getters will be posted and points awarded based on the current F1 point system. This final point system will add up across all rounds. The final round will be Super Bowl LIV, worth double points due to the game returning to Los Angeles, and still being in the public’s consciousness. Most points after all five round wins. Contestants can only submit concepts for one game per round, just to keep an even field points wise.

Here are the rounds

Round 1
Super Bowl XLV - North Texas
Super Bowl XLVI - Indianapolis

Round 2 
Super Bowl XLVII - New Orleans
Super Bowl XLVIII - New York/New Jersey

Round 3
Super Bowl XLIX - Arizona
Super Bowl 50 - San Francisco Bay Area

Round 4
Super Bowl LI - Houston
Super Bowl LII - Minneapolis
Super Bowl LIII - Atlanta

Round 5
Super Bowl LIV - Los Angeles

So sit tight, we're gonna start Sunday.

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