Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pikes Peak international Raceway

Happy Daytona Day, everyone! Time for part 4 of the Raysox Racetrack Restoration! It's taken a while to get the motivation to finish. PPIR is a nice little track south of Denver. It's a lot like Richmond, and probably could be a great track to have leading up to a west coast swing. 

I wanted to brand it completely different. I went purple for "Purple Mountain's Majesty", and the fact that I could paint the walls purple and it'd be very different from the rest of the tracks. The track and inside course is fundamentally the same. I just wanted to redo some basics. 

So the first noticable thing is the crescent shaped stands. The front stretch and backstretch make a perfect circle, with a track sized whole taken out. The seats are purple to tie into everything. The parking and entrances let fans come from all around the track. The inside of the track is very minimal due to the space, and the amount of necessary things. The angled wall dividing the inner track and infield is angled, and I thought that it would be the perfect spot for a garage. There's also a small victory lane even with the start/finish line.

With lights all around, the track could host races at night, which opens it up to hosting Camping World Trucks, other western series, and a testing ground for Furniture Row Racing. Since the views would be at a ow angle, I couldn't put screens in the inside. I put two video boards on either side of the backstretch stand. Campers and haulers could line the inside wall, especially since there'd be so much space.

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