Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MLB Cap Concepts

I'm in a 6 person group chat with some great designers my age. When one of us high jacks a conversation to talk New Era fitted caps/snap backs, we call it #hatchat.

So you might remember a template I made where I traced the New Era cap on their website. Well, that was on Inkscape. Since then, I've moved on to Illustrator, which uses layers like Photoshop. Recently, I updated my template to make it Illustrator friendly.

First, I got a Rays cap from the 2016 MLB All-Star Game with the heather pattern and star buttons. Here is me playing with the template on some old brands.

I also cataloged my caps on a new twitter header for myself.

Finally, I made a list of teams with the worst branding in the MLB. The Mariners and Indians were 2 of the top 3. Here is my quick rebrands that I want to turn into a full rebrand.


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  2. Since there was no standardized, official manufacturer of baseballs, players and local merchants would make them as they saw fit.