Friday, January 16, 2015

WIHF - Heritage Classic

I used the previous Heritage Classic logo template for this one. I changed the words and sky line to match the date and location. I changed the colors to match the home team. I used navy, yellow, and orange as the team colors of the Halifax Voyageurs. It was the colors I used for my Halifax concept of my US Soccer 2030 series. The yoke stripes look like Dylan’s Sarnia Sting alternate jersey that he won a contest for. The H logo is based on the numbers the Sabres alternates a few years back. I originally was going to make a new St. John’s team. But the Ice Caps exist and I mentioned the Canadian AHL teams were absorbed into the CDC, I thought it’d be better for consistency purposes. The striped design is a look I wanted to do because the other concept I did like this is one of my favorites. The white, navy, and royal blue stands out enough to differentiate from the non-white Halifax concept.

1 comment:

  1. sooo good jerseys, man!

    Where I can find that template? It's great :)