Thursday, January 22, 2015

WIHF - Talviklassikko

Our friend Dylan from Dbrodesigns posted the Finnish Winter Classic concept!

Ok, so Mr. Raysox has given me the responsibility of posting our concept for the 2030 Talviklassikko, or Winter Classic, taking place in the SM Liiga. Now that the leagues have been realigned, and Jokerit is back in the Liiga, this outdoor game between Jokerit and HIFK can resume.

Though both teams' identities and logos are pretty simple, they have been stripped down slightly.

The Jokerit logo' black outlines have been swapped to blue as to fit with the jersey better, which features the three primary colors featured so minimally so not to clash with each other at all.

The HIFK shield lost it's silver and second outline. The jersey features bold simple striping and a white yolk. The TV numbers have been placed in the white yolk while the 4-point star featured in the logo goes onto the sleeves, as well as the pants.

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