Monday, May 25, 2015

Great Britian Kits

I was looking at some soccer concepts the other day and it made me somewhat self conscious. I know I can make some good concepts, but maybe my template could be better? My template is by far the most used template I've ever made, but it just needed a face lift.

I tried last week to make the template, but got frustrated and quit. Then I was at Ross and found one of my top 5 favorite kits of all time, the USA "Where's Waldo" hooped kits. I immediately bought it with no regrets. Today, I finally decided to take the new jersey and lay it out and try my best to replicate it. I started with my old template and made the following Nike template. Then, I went ahead and used some reference pics from my friend Gus to do the Adidas kits.

I wanted to release the kits, but wanted to test them first. I originally was going to put the 4 teams of Great Britain on a new Nike photoshop template and go from there, but I decided that this would be a great way to do those concepts.

England is really simple. I replaced the blue from the current kit, with red and made it Nike. The rest are various Adidas jersey. Northern Ireland has a chest bar, Wales has pinstripes, and Scotland has a cross. In honor of the EPL finishing today, I put players who I had on my fantasy team at some point this year on the jersey.

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