Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hudson United

Hudson United is one of the most successful teams to come out of the early years of League 2. Started after a merger between the New York Soccer Club, and the Bronx Field Club, Hudson began playing in lower tiers in 1949. Splitting time with the Giants at the Polo Grounds, the team established a fan base and stole fans away from the powerful Queens Park. With the formation of League 2 from regional leagues, the Cabbies were promoted to the Premier League in 1957, just in time to fill the hole the Giants left. The team began looking for a new stadium location closer to downtown, and built it when the Polo Grounds were demolished in 1962. Hudson's first trophy came in 1965 when they won the US Open Cup. The core of that team would go on to win the 1969 APL title, and CONCACAF Champions Cup the following season. After another Open Cup and League Title in the early 70s, the team experienced some hardship. In 1984, the team was relegated for the first time in their history. This angered many fans, and they demanded a change in ownership, but all was better when they won League 2 the following year. A streak of big spending helped the team find it's footing in the top tier again. The team won 4 trophies in 3 years from 1993 to 1995, attracting many more big European players to come to the States. The star studded team won back to back titles in 2003 and 2004 with a Open Cup and Champions League to boot. Since then, they're constantly making the playoffs, even if that was their last league title. They're the defending champions of the US Open Cup.

All these trophies were worn in their classic white and purple kits. The clashes were once always orange and black to match the Giants. Once they built their stadium down the Hudson River, they switched to yellow and black to match the taxis of the city, and is still the clash the team wears most years.

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