Friday, August 14, 2015

Footy as Football - Swansea

So I have a soft spot for Swansea due to some close friends liking them, and their attractive soccer. Also Wales is great. I love the white and black stunning look they have. I nicknamed the team the Jacks because "Swansea Swans" was repetitive, and I could pass it off like the Buffalo Bills

So I wanted a smooth and elegant swan logo. So it's a swan looking back with a wing, and it's rear end. It's hard to fit the extremities of a swan into a forward moving logo, but I thought the streaks gave the wings motion.

The kits are all white, with black trim. This year, the South Welsh side introduced copper to the kits, so I did the same with a stripe running to the collar.

Update: Added a Welsh flag to the helmets

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