Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tumblr Championship

During the application process, we got 25 applications. With the top 6 only getting in, I felt bad for the majority of people who wont get to play. Our Premier League is a head to head league, so it could only have an even amount of teams, and I'd have to facilitate the weekly match ups. So I had the idea for a second tier. No promotion/relegation, but an opportunity for people to play fantasy EPL. I had tons of fun last year, so more people, more fun. It wouldn't be head to head because 24 new teams would be ideal. I(Dads FC) would be participating just because I was the admin. Since 25 teams was an odd number, it'd be a classic "most points wins" style league. So here are the teams! I did all but 3 teams' logos, so I had a lot of practice.

ADHD Athletic - Applied as Botswana Vegan Commission, but rebranded since the name was too long. The owner suffers from ADHD

 Bigfoot United - Purposely blurry, with an image from that famous Bigfoot video in a roundel

Canine County FC - Simple logo for a paw, and the best color scheme in the league

Celadon City Slowpokes - Slowpoke ontop of the Celadon Gym badge

C.H.E.L.S.E.A. FC - Chelsea in the style of the Friends logo

Dogs FC - Two golden retrievers in Detroit City colors, holding up a shield with Detroit's flag

New Jersey Flamingos - A flamingo over NJ for a Spurs fan

Flavor Town FC - Guy Fieri face

Diego Gloucester FC - Highlighting Diego Costa switching national teams from Brazil to Spain

Great Character FC - Facebook meets an old West Brom logo

Kirk FC - Logo by JimmyN64, setting up for a kit similar to Captain Kirk

Koala Brothers FC - A angular koala over a hexagon, similar to Wolverhampton

Mantis Shrimp Athletic - Unique colors to match the shrimp with a cracked ball

Mediocre United - yawn

Moosen FC - A recolored version of my Minneapolis FC concept

Mt. Mutombo - by BrandonAxelson, a parody of the Denver Nuggets logo

Pepsi FC - An opportunity to use that great script PepsiCola logo

 Poolboy SC - The logo with a bulge and a 6 pack

Queens Park Raisins - QPR with a Sun Maid box

Rainbow FC - A rainbow sash on a beveled roundel

Red Birb City FC - I literally put this owner's bird on a soccer ball

Spaceship! United - A reference to The Lego Movie, with a mix of Seattle Sounders 

 Tacocat FC - This palindrome logo was done by JimmyN64

Ylisse FC - A logo for a Dragon Age fan that they walked me through completely

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