Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015-16 Tumblr Premier League

So last year, I started a fantasy EPL league with a 13 other friends I know on tumblr. Check out the logos from last season.

It was a great season, other than my team being last till January, then I won 10 of 11 and worked my way up to 11th. Looking forward to this year, for my performance, and the new teams. We got a big following, and opened up expansion applications.  We were looking for 6 members to make it a perfect 20 teams. Here are the 6 teams that were added.

Seinfeld FC - George Costanza holding a bat from a screenshot of a Seinfeld episode
Spartak Cena - John Cena denim meets Spartak Moscow
Trust Fund FC - A logo for a ManU fan soaking in their parent's money
West Bird United - For everyone's favorite Canadian bird mother, inspired by Norwich
Points-R-Us - A giraffe in the style of a rampart lion, the goofiest logo I've ever made
Rose City Rockers - A mix of the Portland Thorns and The Ramones

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