Sunday, July 26, 2015

Footy as Football - Bournemouth

I think I wont go in order, just when I turn it out.

Bournemouth is the last team to be promoted into the EPL. Bournemouth has red and black stripes, and is nicknamed the Cherries. Not too much to work with there. I decided to make a logo with a B with stripes coming out. I wanted to show motion in the football, with a throwback to one of the best logo the Cleveland Browns have ever had. 

I originally had the stripes go around the back like the Seahawks logo, but realized the B would be backwards on the left. I put the B logo on the side, which let me go with a black helmet to match. There's a lot of striping on the uniform, with the helmet, sleeves, and pants. It was the best way I could show the tradition that the team has with their vertical stripes.

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