Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Racing Club Indianapolis

Racing Club Indy doesn't have a storied history. The team was started in 1941 at a stadium near the storied Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and thus the name was linked. RCI was offered a spot in League 2 when the league was formed, due to the success in leagues in the midwest. But Indy didn't have much success. The team couldn't draw many players in due to their midwestern location. They drifted around League 2, until League 3 was formed and gave Indy a reason to fight. In the 2nd year of League 3, they were relegated to it. They got back to League 2 from 1982 to 1988, before another relegation. The Checkers were in a bad place and they sold their team to a rich German who couldn't watch his adopted home's team struggle. In 1989 they won League 3 and were on the up and up. A few years later, they won League 2 to jump to the APL for the first time in their history. This gave the team leverage to build a stadium closer to downtown. After relegation in 2002, the team came back up in 2003. The team has a habit of getting relegated, just to see them be promoted one season later, much is the case to this years team, who finished 2nd in League 2 to be promoted once again.

The team did originally wear checkers, much like Croatia. But in the 50s, they went to a more modest blue color. In the 1990s, the blue became navy to keep up with the trend of uniforms. Still, the red and yellow clash kits are the fan favorites and have been on the clash for the better part of their history.

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