Friday, July 17, 2015

Footy as Football - Noriwch City

I got an email a few months ago about a series idea. They basically asked if I was interested doing Football as Football, but the other way around. So basically, turning EPL teams into what they'd look like as NFL teams. I was like thanks, but I've been busy doing other series so I dunno when I'd get to it. But I finally came up with some ideas and went ahead and did some!

I do probably way too many soccer crests, so doing something fresh and that would test my designer abilities. So starting from the bottom, here is what the EPL would look like with NFL inspired logos.

Norwich is known as the Canaries. They have a unique yellow and green color scheme, so this was going to be fun. I did my best to make a mean looking canary. I took some cues from Brandoise and the Ravens logo and created what you see below. The uniforms will mostly be based on the kits the teams use, so I got a new template and based the uniforms of the ones Norwich wore last year en route to being promoted to the EPL.

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