Sunday, July 5, 2015

SC Los Angeles

SCLA has humble beginnings as a club started by 5 friends in the 1940s. The club experienced some success in the Pacific Leagues, before accepting an invitation from the APL League 2 to join the major leagues. The team had very good success early on. Promotion to the APL in time for the 1960 season meant the team had the exposure they wanted. The yellow and red striped club started to become the cool spot for Hollywood stars to be seen at in the 60s. Their first league title came in 1962, and another in 71. In the 70s, the team became fierce rivals with San Francisco based Yerba Buena SC. The team owns the US Soccer record for attendance after moving their home games against YBSC to the Rose Bowl. After 2 Yerba league titles, SCLA won the title in 1979. The LA also won two US Opens in 77 and 78, and a CONCACAF championship in 80. It was clear the power of US Soccer has shifted to the west coast. This run of trophies brought in the best players from Europe and South America. Another title in 88 bridged the gap between eras. Since 1998, the team hasn't finished lower than 5th during the season, making the playoffs each year. League titles in 98 and 99 with a CONCACAF Champions League added to the trophy case, but they weren't done there. From 2007-12, the team won 2 US Opens, 2 CONCACAF CL's, and 3 league titles. Many championships go through LA, and that looks like the case in the future.

After ordering red and yellow rugby shirts from a catalog in the 40s due to an influence from USC. The team has worn the same basic uniform since. The iconic stripes has been on the shirts since. The clashes were always Dodger Blue until the 80s, when more colors began to be introduced. In 2005, the team started wearing black, and has been that way since.

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