Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Polski Chicago

Chicago was a city of immigrants, with several teams springing up as social clubs. Some teams fizzled, some teams prospered. Polski Chicago was a strong team located on the South Side, who combated the American team in the North Side. The Polski team formed in the early 30s, copying the uniform the Polish national team wore in the 1934 World Cup. The team doesn't have much history, but have spent a long time in the top tier of American soccer. Their first title was in 1943, and a US Open cup in 1954. The team had trouble finding sponsors, unlike other teams it connected to a group of people. From 1958 to 1964, the team was relegated. In the early 70s, the team brought in a few players from the 1970s World Cup as they expanded their roster to non Eastern European players. They figured as long as the owners remained in the right hands, then they could still represent Chicago Poles. The team won a US Open in 1973 and a league title in 1974. The owners of Polski were very against the league turning to playoffs to determine a champion, and it shows because that was the last title for the team.

The team continues wearing white and red, throughout their history. The clash is often light blue, but has been navy in recent years. The crest hasn't changed since their inception, which is just the coat of arms of Poland.

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