Monday, June 29, 2015

Pawtucket Rangers

The rangers are another storied team in US Soccer. Founded in 1900, the team played for 33 seasons before the APL realigned. They were another major get by the early founders of the league. A Scottish-American bought the team, and dressed them up like the Glasgow based Rangers FC. The team is known for their Rhode Island Red crest, spawned from a tradition similar to the squid at the Red Wings games. Before home games, someone would sneak the rooster in and release it on the field. It became a sign of good luck when they won their first league title in 1952. Pawtucket won their first US Open in 1962. The team was hurt by the expansion of the league to bigger markets, and couldn't bring in good players. 1967 was their first relegation, but bounced back the next year. From 1980-1987, the team played in the 2nd division. The team made a miraculous run to the US Open title in 1987, the again in 1998. The team spent the majority of the 2000s in League 2, with some brief stints in the top league. They were promoted last season, but are projected to finish near the bottom of the league.


  1. Bom dia!
    Gostaria mais de saber desse clube, pois realizando pesquisas sobre o mesmo encontrei informações divergentes. dizendo até que eles foram campeões em 1941 da Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup e dois vices dessa competição em 1934 e 1935. Tenho blog que fala da história do futebol e estou realizando muitas pesquisas sobre o futebol americano, desde os seus primórdios até hoje em dia. Vou usar o seu como fonte, mas seria interessante ter mais dados sobre o clube.