Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brooklyn Wanderers

The last team of the New York trifecta of teams is one of the oldest teams in the country. The team has formed and folded several times, but there hasn't been a season without the Brooklyn Wanderers since 1894. The team has alternated between black and blue in their early years. The team last folded in 1934, but then they reformed in 1935 with black and blue stripes. That version has been in existence since. Made up of mostly inner city immigrants, the Wanderers won the league in 1937. Brooklyn broke up Queens Park's dominance with another title in 1944. The two teams have the fiercest rivalry in the country currently. Another title in 1944 and 1948. The US Open title in 49 and 53 added to the early trophy collection. The team won league titles in 1954 and 1960, starting an era of being the only team in the burrough. The team got new owners in 1963, but they were relegated for the first time in 1965. The promotion in 1967 made everyone believe in the future. But the owner was arrested for mafia connections, and the next decade was hard on the team. They fell all the way to the 3rd level of US Soccer. An Italian American stockbroker who had seen the team in hardship decided to buy the team because there was such a return investment. His team went ahead and did that, and the team won the 3rd league's title the following year. Another promotion the next year meant Brooklyn was ready to compete in the top league for the first time in 10 years. The team brought over many Italian players, and the core won a US Open Cup in 1992, two CONCACAF Champions League titles in 92 and 93, then a league title in 1993. The owner stepped down and let his sons control the team. After a rough period from 2001-2004 in the 2nd division, the team got stable footing heading forward. They still compete with Queens Park, and beat them in the US Open Cup title game in 2013. The team's location helps draw fans and players from overseas, something many teams don't have.

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