Friday, June 12, 2015

Queens Park SC

Queens Park is the most accomplished team in the American soccer history. The team was put together by teams in Queens and Brooklyn to merge a super team in the early 1930s. The team had instant success. The team took over in the 1940s. From 1940 to 1946, the team won 5 championships of 7. Then 2 US Open Cups in 41 and 42. The team was closely tied to the city of New York, and could bring in bigger American players, as well as immigrants during World War 2. Queens Park won two USOC in the 50s, and a league title. The team built a new stadium that was the anchor of the 1964 World's Fair, throwing the club into international focus. The team built up from new stadium hype went on to win their first CONCACAF championship in 1966, 5 years into the competition. But the team's high spending cost the team in the long run. From 1966 to 89, the team won no trophies. But once they got the monkey off their back, the trophies poured in. Three straight championships in 89 90 and 91, a USOC in 89, and a CONCACAF Champions League in 90 and 91. Another title in 2000, then an emotional Champions League and USOC in 2001. The team is known as the giants in American soccer, but the league has been more competitive since the playoffs started mixing up the champions. A title in 2012, and CONCACAF title in 2013 brings their totals to - 6 USOC, 5 CONCACAF, and 12 league titles. They can afford the best players in the world, and act like it.

Named after the location and the London club, their first uniforms were blue and white hoops to match. But since, then, the team adopted orange to match the New York City flag. The Nassau County flag's crest has been the team's crest since their inception. The clash isn't consistent. Currently, the clash takes cues from the flag of Queens.

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