Friday, June 19, 2015

St. Louis Athletic

St. Louis at a time was the farthest west the APL went. Started by workers at the Busch brewery, the team was started in 1935, and were playing in the APL for most of the time since. The Saints' first taste of glory came with back to back US Open Cups in 1957 and 58. Often quiet in the early days, St. Louis fell down to the depth of the APL and were relegated in 1977, only to be promoted 2 years later. This shook the owners and fan base and they vowed to never have that happen again. The team won their first league title in 1987, then another in 1996. Since the new millennium, The Saints have been arguably the best team overall. A St. Louis native striker came through the youth system, and immediately raised them to a top tier team. A US Open in 2000, and a league title in 2001 proved that the Saints were legit. After back to back USOC in 05 and 06, the team came close to a Treble in 2010. Their 6th US Open title came weeks after a CONCACAF Champions League title. Since that 2010 Champions League title, the team won it twice more, in 2011 and 2014. They capped off their trophy case with the last two league titles.

St. Louis has always been red and blue, but since their 1995 rebrand they've gone with more of a garnet color.

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