Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fall River Marksmen

Fall River has one of the oldest teams in the country. Originally formed in 1922, the team survived the Great Depression, and battled teams like Bethlehem, and Providence over their history. Fall River was a part of the small leagues of the early 1930s. With the small amount of teams, the Marksmen went on to win the league in 1935, 38, and 39. In addition, the US Open Cup in 1936 and 38. Their last league title was in 1947. Fall River is half way between Boston and Providence, who drew the fans and players away. After League 2 started in 1955, the team was relegated the first year. After a few years down, then up in 1961-63. The team managed to go up to the APL in 1974 and stayed up for 16 years, which helped them gain some exposure year after year. A new 18,000 seat stadium also helped. But then a 14 year spell in League 2 and 3 from 1991 to 2006 ruined all progress. The team is almost always in the talk to be relegated, and last were in League 2 as late as last season. A first place finish in 2014 has lead to the two Rhode Island teams to be playing in the top tier again, just like old times.

Their logo has remained the same since 1922. Their traditional Where's Waldo hoops have been used since also.

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