Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Minneapolis SC

The Moose were one of the founders of the Great Lakes League, a smaller league that formed in the 40s, but was soon picked apart from League 1's formation in 1956 because the clubs were stable and performed well in the US Open Cup. The Sky Blue colors of the team were very unique in the time they were founded, so when they made the jump to the promotion, it added a sense of color to the league. Minnesota's first taste of top level soccer came in 1963, when they were promoted after winning the 2nd tier. Then they were relegated or promoted 5 more times that decade. After bouncing around a few times, the Moose became one of the only teams to have won the US Open while not playing in the top tier. That was 1986, and the team went on to be promoted with high morale. The team hit hard financial times in the 1990s. They fell as far back as 12th place in League 2. Finally in 2001 they were freed from 3rd tier soccer. In 2004 they won promotion to the Premier League, and two years later, they won the playoff from the 8th seed. Minnesota normally sticks around mid table with flourishes of greatness like the 2012 US Open title run.

The team has worn all light blue since their inception. In 1998 they had a fan contest to design their clash kit, and a green jersey with a blue sash was submitted by a 2nd grader in St. Cloud and won. Since then, the team has worn green and blue that represent the state.

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