Thursday, July 2, 2015

Los Angeles Clippers Rebrand

Really quick concept here. Total, it took about 4 hours to complete start to finish. The new logos are god awful. Very rarely do I see a logo that makes me want to completely rebrand them to cleanse my palette, but it happened yesterday.

A Clipper is a fast ship. There is imagery in there, but they never use it. I started sketching a logo in class yesterday of a wavy circle with a ship peaking into frame and some sails going out. I made it pretty quickly on my computer after some tweaks. I want people to realize what it is after looking at it after a while. The script is the Toledo Mud Hens font with some thick outlines. I also didn'[t want to bunch up the set with a bland LA logo, so what I did was make LA in maritime alphabet letters to put under the back collar.

The jerseys are new too. I never do basketball concepts, so I didn't have a template. I made a basketball one from my soccer template. Nike is taking over the NBA contract in a few seasons, so I made sure I used them. The home and away are based on the Louisville March Madness uniforms this year. The alternate I chose light blue over navy because it would be more unique.

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