Friday, July 10, 2015

Sporting KC Chiefs

If you don't know the story, Lamar Hunt started the Dallas Texans in the AFL. After competing with the Cowboys for fans, he moved the team to Kansas City. After a trip to Ireland in 1962, and going to the 1966 World Cup, he fell in love with soccer. Coming back to the states, he got involved with the APL. Dallas had teams throughout the metroplex, and their University of Texas alumni owner wouldn't sell his team to a SMU grad. There was a team in Kansas City, formed in 1955. In 1967, Lamar bought the team, and basically bought his way into League 2. Much like many European and South American teams, Hunt had the idea to make a sporting club, teams with the same name underneath the same ownership umbrella. In 1972, the team began playing in Arrowhead Stadium with the Chiefs, and Sporting was promoted based on more income allowing players to be bought. The Chiefs had a good 70s, with a league title in 1976, and a US open in 1977. Another league title in 1982 helped establish the team as a premier team in the midwest. Unfortunately, the team had a bad year in 1985, and were relegated to League 2. Two years after, they were moved up to the APL, the same year they won their 2nd USOC. The 90s were hard on KC. Hunt had trouble juggling promoting the World Cup and managing his team. Two relegations in this decade hurt the team, but they would eventually move back up in 1999. Since then, Lamar died, and handed the teams off to his children, who run it to this day.

The logo and kits are very similar to the NFL team that shares the stadium. In addition to the soccer and football team, Lamar helped bring the NHL to Kansas City before selling them in 1976 and the Ice Chiefs moving to Colorado and becoming the Rockies. Teams that have fell under the Chiefs umbrella include an Arena Football team and Major League Lacrosse team.

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