Monday, July 6, 2015

Yerba Buena SC

Along with other teams up the Pacific Coast, Yerba Buena had formed in the 30s. They were once rivals with a team named San Francisco Dragons. Since the name of the city proper was taken, their owner turned to the name San Francisco had before the American's bought the land from Mexico. Yerba Buena is a mint plant, which inspired both the city name, and the soccer team. In 1938, the team trotted out in mint color uniforms, but were the laughing stock of the league. They were nicknamed the Girl Scouts, which home fans turned into "Scouts" later. The crest has had a yerba buena leafs on it since their inception. The team's main rivals soon became teams around California. Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles specifically. Much like SCLA, Yerba was invited to the first season of League 2 play, and they out and won the league, and was promoted to the top league for 1956. Kezar Stadium became the West Coast Soccer version of Yankee Stadium due to the overwhelming support from Bay Area residents. 1961 was their first league title. Two years later, they won the league and USOC. When Candlestick Stadium was announced and built, they declared that they would renovated Kezar to fit soccer more. The team went almost bankrupt from this, resulting in relegation in 1970. They moved back up two years later after stabilizing their team. Their rivalry kicked off with LA in the 70s, Yerba won the league in 77 and 78, then a USOC in 1980 and 84. The team was back at the brink of relegation after an injury to their star striker, and his back ups not filling the hole. They finished last, but were promoted the next year. They renovated their stadium in 1993 to a gorgeous 60,000 seat stadium in downtown San Fran. The boost that gave them lead the team to back to back USOC in 96 and 97, and a CONCACAF Champions league in 97 too. They won their 2nd CONCACAF title in 2006, and a US Open in 2009.

The Scouts have had some form of mint green and white since their formation. In the 1990s, they started going duel greens for pants. Their clash kits were orange and black for most of their history too.

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