Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gateway Motorsports Park

I love Gateway, and I feel like St. Louis is a big enough market to establish roots in. Gateway though, needs a refresher. I feel like it needs some money pumped into the facility.

Though it's not in as bad as shape as my other tracks, I do have some ideas on how to improve. The track has similar banking to Phoenix. They also have pit road entrance and exit lanes that cut into infield grass. I say pave over it all, make the track feel like there's more room to pass. The infield road course is pretty much the same, but the run off is all asphalt. Offset the lack of grass with solar panels and stuff. Then, get rid of the gokart track on the infield and build garages to host races. I also put a model of the gateway arch going over the back stretch to make the track stand out. The crossover gate would be on hinges and close when the track is live.

With the crossover being the only way to get in, I got rid of the tunnel under the track coming out of turn 4. I made the stands a lot longer to stretch the entire pitlane, then reconstructed the stands in turn 1. Right now, the front stretch stands stop, then there's a building, then bleachers. I was looking at Phoenix and loved how their turn 1 stands are. There's luxury boxes and the stands actually turns with the track. I would love to do that, and give those fans a view of the front and turns. I put 3 separate video boards in the infield for the fans to watch. Other than that, I kept the drag racing track the same, located outside of the oval.

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