Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Flags Speedway

So before I start, My roommate is a finance major here at Florida State, and our good buddy who we go to races with has a hospitality degree. I have a Sport Management degree, and I joke that we're going to go into business together. So here is the logo for when we buy all these tracks to flip. Trademarks be damned!

But it's back! We could call this the second season of this series. In Pensacola, there's a historic short track. Every year, they host the Snowball Derby in the winter, which is a big late model race. The track surface is abrasive, and I think it would make a nice edition for NASCAR. So to flip this, a lot of it had to do with the infield. Currently it has a small pit lane and a bunch of random roads in the middle. I paved over it all and built a garage to host the cars. I expanded the seating, with a lot of bleachers, just because I wanted to keep the general admission policy for weekly racing series. I did some amenities to help make this track more modern. That includes a scoreboard and a video board. 

Pensacola is known for being under 5 different nations, hence the name. So with that, I would make the 5 flags flying over the west turn more prominent. 

Pretty basic stuff, but I wanted to play with patterns and shading more and more.

Sit tight, I will post another tomorrow!

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