Friday, October 21, 2016

Puerto Rican Soccer League

So a little background into this project. Football Manager is a great game, and the Editor program that comes with it is also great. Last winter, I figured it out, and created a mod where I could do Promotion/Relegation in the US leagues. I picked Puerto Rico FC for the sole purpose of using the youth system to make Puerto Rico a better national team. Bayamon FC was a semi pro team that was in the lower leagues, so I could use them to get first team minutes.

It is really hard with 2 teams to do this. The in-game editor lets you pull up any player, and edit them to your liking, essentially. This includes moving to other teams. I not only was a successful manager, but basically acted as a pimp/commissioner trying to get players to places where they could actually play. There were a handful of independent teams in Puerto Rico, who weren't attached to a league. I used them to try and keep players for 3 years to gain citizenship. I didn't play long enough to see many players not on my team gain citizenship and get called up to the national team.

Fast forward to last week. I was playing a different save and wanted to check editor for something. I ended up looking to see how many teams were based in Puerto Rico. The answer is 25. That's not entirely too many for one league. I moved Bayamon FC to the league, who were marked as a US team since they're in our pyramid. I figured a super league consisting of the 14 Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Puerto Rico, the 7 independent teams, and any other team that I could find. The teams play everyone once, then the league splits, and the two sets of 13 plays another round against each other. The total of 37 games is around the amount most leagues play.

I started adding to the logos that already existed in a massive logo file someone put together. There were teams with blurry logos, there were teams with bad logos, and there were teams where I couldn't  even find logos for.

My goal in this save is to become the Puerto Rican national team manager, just to remain impartial. The job opened in 2017, but I wasn't considered because I didn't have experience. One team fired their coach 4 games in, I took over and finished 3rd in the league. So the league is in it's offseason and I'm thinking that there are a lot of really bad logos. In previous FM saves, I've had my concepts as the graphics in game, and it just didn't feel as immersed. But I felt that if I replaced them all, I could really make the game better.

Here are the current logos in order
Quintana, Bayamon, Maunabo, Roosevelt, Rio Piedras, Spartans, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico United, River Plate PR, Criolles Caguas, Carolina Giants, Fluminese, Huracan, Sevilla PR, Tornados de Humacao, Atletico San Juan, Guayama, Yabucoa, Brazilian Soccer Academy, EFBR, Isabela, Leones, Koricanacha, Universitarios, Fenix, and finally Yabucoeña.

As you can see, there isn't a lot of great logos here. I wanted to place them on a map, and ended up making little icons for a google map. I based my logos after of Spanish teams, mostly. Their logos are so simple and wording isn't necessary. So without further adieu, here is the league.

Couple of teams with logos that would hold up.

 River Plate

Then the rest

Criolles de Caguas - My team. They have an Italian style crest now, so I deleted some initials, and put a fleur de lis in because Criolles translates to Creoles
BSA - A mash up of Manchester United and Chelsea, with a little bit of Brazilian national crest.
Gigantes de Carolina - The city's flag has some of those shapes featured in the flag of Brittany, so I matched the flag, and put a crown on the top.
EFBR - There isn't much about this team I can find out, other than the logo having a sword on it.
Fenix SC - I love these colors together, and it was just a matter of making a phoenix logo to throw on a crest.
Fluminese - I made this crest the same as their "parent" club, but with the C as a G.
Guayamo FC - For the team whose name is spelled wrong on the game, their crest is pretty simple with a badge and their initials.
Tornados de Humacao - The crest of the city has a bundle of arrows, and the flag is the same pattern as the crest. I threw an H and the year on for good measure.
Caguas Huracan FC - My favorite logo. I used a free font I found on a diamond, and threw some geometric hurricanes on there. 
Isabela - Their crest features a lot of gradients, a rooster, and stripes. I did a similar look to Bradford City using the rooster that is on the city's crest.
Koricancha - The only thing I could use for this team was their city's flag, so I repurposed an Adelaide United concept I did featuring it.
Leones - Ponce is the 2nd biggest city in Puerto Rico, so I wanted a big mean crest for them. I used a lion head from an Orlando City concept I did before.
Leones de Maunabo - Had to use a different lion, so I did a regal lion on the best colors in the league.
Puerto Rico United - I absolutely used the QPR lettering for this, but I wanted simplicity for a team representing the whole country.
Atletico Rio Piedras - This team had a blurry city crest as their logo so I made them rock some yellow and black checkers. This logo was from my American Premier League series.
Atletico San Juan - Used the cute little sheep on the city crest as the main part of this logo.
Spartans - Their current logo is pretty good, just simplified it a little.
Universitarios - I could not find anything about this club online, but they were orange on football manager. The placeholder logo I used was the Universitarios logo for the team in Peru. The logo is a circle with a red U in the middle. I made it orange and called it a day. I changed it slightly and made it a U in a hexigon.
Vega Alta - In what could be the worst logo in the league, I made a logo similar to Real Betis with the city flag and a VA that is the same shape.
Yabucoa - This city's flag is this weird abstract flag in cool colors. I did a look similar to Villareal's crest, featuring the lime green in their logo.
Yabucoeña - From the same town as above, but with more purple in the form of  Grenada's crest.

That is it! here is a map to bring it all together. I will post screenshots of the game when I upload them all.

If by some chance a Puerto Rican club is reading this, hit me up we might be able to make your team look better.

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