Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two more F1 Liveries

Had these two on my list after thinking about it after posting my last set of 3. So here are two more!

Haas F1 - So with the ties to Ferrari, I think a red livery would be nice. They've sort of carved their own market with white and gun metal, but I decided to make this look a lot more sinister. Not too many sponsors, so I used the team and company logo several times. Finally, to remind everyone that they're american, I put a flag on the side wing.
Sauber F1 - I remember when Sauber released their royal blue livery. It was so different than everyone else's that it shot to the top of my list. After being generally awful, and teaming up with Arial Bold, the look is stale. Since Ericcson and Nasr both are from countries with blue and bright yellow, I wanted to make a statement. I did lightning bolts on the body and a yellow strip on the side pod. It ties in with the Banco do Brasil sponsor, which would become more prominent.

Also I'm so mad at my McLaren livery now, because it's essentially the same Marussia had in like 2011.

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