Monday, July 18, 2011

CFL Pro Combat Pt 2

5/8 Montreal Alouettes
A throwback. The current sets are a mess. Absolutely terrible. I did give them a similar look, with different sleeve colors and underarm/shoulder stripes. One thing you might notice, I changed up the logo set. I changed the colors to Canadiens' colors, cleaned the logo, and returned the AM logo. The helmets return to white, from silver. I chose not to have outlines to match the old sets.

6/8 Saskatchewan Rough Riders
I went modern with this set. The mesh cuts are black, with white trim balancing out the green. The under sleeves use the wheat pattern fond on the logo. I used the Miami looking two tone numbers on this set, because one team had to do it. The pants stripe matches the jersey pattern.

7/8 Toronto Argonauts
The jersey is fairly similar to the currents. The only difference is the Nike gradient used once again. I returned the Argonaut logo, which would be a good return with the right colors. I really like the two colors together.

8/8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
This is another return to retro set. I made the logo more retro, excluding outlines, with a new set of my own. This follows the Oregon State sleeve stripes, which would look very nice. The chest did seem rather naked, so I threw some piping on.... I have a problem.

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