Friday, July 15, 2011

FC Tampa Bay MLS rebrand

Just want to say, there are no actual rumors about the team joining the MLS, this is all for funsies.

In the "Top 3 soccer crests" thread, I saw how amazing the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers logo was. I was jealous, because they're my home team's rivals, and our logo kinda stinks.

So last night I started sketching a logo. I realized that I do soccer logos better freeform on inkscape. I really didn't have any aspects to keep other than green and yellow stripes, a star for the NASL championship, and the team name. I decided on a home plate shape crest, just something simple. The old and new team both had green/yellow/navy color schemes. I decided that I could change that. I swapped navy for a darker green. I've never made a soccer ball using shapes, I would always find clipart or something, but I'm glad I did for this. I made a cool soccer ball similar to most teams these days. The years on each side are the years the Rowdies were first founded.

The jerseys are a mix of the currents, and old set, but mostly the old set. You know what? Just look.

I did a stadium concept, which can be seen on Stadia Arcadia.


  1. I love this rebrand! Kept the elements that work and updated the rest. Really solid work. Stumbled across this blog accidentally. I'll be checking back regularly!

  2. Thanks man! I always like seeing comments.

  3. Sucks that they went with the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Such an unoriginal name.