Monday, August 1, 2011

Pacific Coast League

Alright. So here we go. I wanted to do something that is new, something different.

I was looking at this stadium website, and I came across a page with temporary stadiums. They included stadiums for the Dodgers and Giants, before Dodgers Stadium, and Candlestick park were built. The teams there were the Los Angeles Angels, and San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. I researched the liked what I saw. Some cool identities could be made, so here is what I made. The PCL was a very strong AAA ball league. The 8 team league was a league of their own, pretty much. The farthest west the MLB was in 1957 was in St. Louis. So with the closest team being over 1,500 miles away, they did their own thing. The Sacramento Solons actually did not have an affiliate for 1957. When the Giants and Dodgers moved, that scattered some teams, to Places like Phoenix and Honolulu. Teams like the Padres and Angels got their name from the PCL teams.

But what if the league decided to break ties with the MLB, and be their own pro league. Sure, there are some aspects of this I really didn't think out COMPLETELY. But here is a basic rundown. I'm making sets for teams from 1957. The logo has a palm tree and a mountain, for the south, and north pacific coast. Also note my cool 1950s template based on Chevys of that time.

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  1. Great concepts but you forgot the Oakland Oaks...