Saturday, August 20, 2011

Los Angels Angels

Alright gang, I've had this done, but forgot I never posted. LA's original team used a Dodger-esque LA logo, which you can see. I mixed styles a bit, with the font they used in the time period. The colors are a bold look like the team now. The primary is similar to my angel's concept, and there are obvious halos on the A's. I decided to go with the vests. My thinking was that if the current team had vests in their history, then this team's history would've too. Plus, no team has them yet.


  1. Way to rip the Dodgers LA logo off. Two different fonts one for the hat and one for the jersey don't work here. Use the jersey font for the hat and it would look way better.

  2. Well, you see...

    That was the Angels' cap logo before they were in the majors, and were in the Pacific Coast League. Go read the first post from the project, and get back to me.