Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brooklyn Nets Rebrand

I was busy on vacation. 

 So in Brooklyn I saw my fair share of new Nets gear. I thought with the right LOGOS they could be super sweet. But their logos look rushed and generic, so I did the opposite and did something cool. 

 The cursive script was what I first wanted, I have that script, and cleaned it up and added a tail. Then I sketched a net, but the strings were interwoven with eachother as you can see below. I pieced the identity together with a circle logo and Brooklyn script. You guys better like it, inkscape crashed and I had to redo the whole concept.

Has the jerseys been released yet? Not even sure. I did a simple design similar to the last ones. The pattern up the side match the net design, and I put the design in the middle to see. Nothing special here!

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