Saturday, July 14, 2012

North American Qualifying

The tournaments will be in the style of the Euro tournament. The best teams in each conference have group play, and a playoff to determine who advances.

The North American tournament took place in Mexico. The best teams were split off in the draw, putting the USA/Belize/Mexico/Trinidad & Tobago in group A, and Canada/Jamaica/Honduras/Cuba in group B. The round robin tournament was underway with the US beating the host Mexico in the new Mexico City arena. Belize beat the T&T national team in game 2 in Guadalajara. In day 2, Canada beat the Cuban team in Cancun by a lot. Then Jamaica lost their opening match to the Honduras team in Obregón, looking to upset the 15th best team in the world. 

 The second round of match ups started the next day. The US won again by a large margin over Belize in Torreón. The home Mexican team beat Tobago to the delight of the crowd in Monterrey. The second day of group B was very dramatic. The Jamaicans beat the Canadians in dramatic fashion with a last second point by their captain Eric Black in front of the Mexico City fans. Cuba beat Honduras spoiling their chance to take the group lead in Guadalajara, tying Group B up at 1-1. 

 On the last day, all games would be played two at a time. The US team beat the Trinidad team in Obregón, sweeping the group. The group really came down to the other match in Cancun between Belize and Mexico. Belize won with 5 straight points to end the game, winning by 3 over the host team. Belize would advance to play the winner of Group B. Canada faced off with the Honduras team in order to advance, and did so easily in Monterrey. The Jamaicans were in the same situation, facing their neighbors to the north, Cuba in Torreón. The Jamaicans did, winning the group based off their head to head with Canada. 

 The biggest rivalry in Yakball was renued with team America beating Canada in Guadalajara in a great game. The US was already qualified for the tournament, but the win means they would've gotten in anyway. The Canadians would play the loser of game 2 in the bronze game to make the WYC. The Jamaican's run at destiny continued with a 9 point victory in Moterrey, advancing them to the finals against the US, and the championship in the US. The Canadians flexed their mussels with the help of David Abercrombie of Centre Toronto scoring 20 enroute to the victory over Belize, and qualification in the WYC. The USA beat their Jamaican rivals earning them a victory of the first continent championship. 


Qualified teams

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